BCL goes direct! Shanghai – Tallinn from 2017.05.01d.

Whether it’s the car you drove to work in, the computer at your desk or your children’s toys strewn across their bedroom floor, there’s a very good chance they have come from here.

This is the world’s busiest trading port which handles a staggering 35million containers a year carrying 796 million tones of goods to far-flung places around the globe.

Stretching as far as the eye can see, rows upon rows of containers lie stacked up at the Port of Shanghai waiting to be shipped abroad and bringing in trillions of dolars to the Chinese economy in the process.

It’s this fearsome capacity that has helped China become the world’s largest exporting nation when it leapfrogged the United States.

Fulfilling the requests of our loyal customers we are proud to announce that Baltic Consol Line is investing in opening direct box from Shanghai to Tallinn from 1st of MAY.

The benefits that our customers will feel:

  • Shorter Transit Time,
  • Lower Cost,
  • Decreased risk of damages,
  • 100% neutrality,
  • Leading LCL consolidator in Baltic States.

Baltic Consol Line is the leading 100% neutral freight consolidator in Baltic States constantly investing into increasing the competitiveness of our freight forwarding customers. Consol Power!